About tea

"After a cup of good tea You will forget getting old."

"Tea is doing well to the people who are eating and drinking too much." – John Nieuhoff, member of Dutch East Indian Company 1665

"Tea is protecting You from blennas, heavy head, eye illneses , being flabbiness and will prolong Your life."  – 1589 book written for Jesuit missionaries v Indii

"Drinking daily a cup of tea, Your pharmacists will suffer of hunger."  – Chinesse proverb

"Tea is better then water, because it is not a carrier of sicknesses"

"Would You like a cup of tea?" –  with this sentence are the British solving every problem or they, at least, win time to think over further solutions.

"Better to be three days without food, then one day without tea." –  old Chinesse proverb


5.11.2015, Winter in the tea-room

  • Visit us in the autumn time and get a cup of good tea and a homemade cheese-cake. You can rest at the fireplace or on the bench with warming delicious tea.

18.10.2015, Čerstvé čaje

  • Přijďte ochutnat letošní Darjeeling - firstflush a nebo podzimní sklizeň Oolongů. K tomu Vám můžeme nabídnout něco na zub. Za hezkého počasí můžete posedět na naší zahrádce, něco už i vykvetlo :-)


  • AMANA - our tea supplier
  • We suggest You Knihy DOBRA
  • We suggest You DharmaGaia